Crazy Florida Tackles Non-Crisis: Kids Who Are Unfairly Punished for Pop Tart Guns

Over the weekend, and Michelle Malkin blasted President Obama for ordering an investigation into the very serious issue of the dwindling bee population, noting that he should probably be focused on more important things like the never-ending tensions in the Middle East.

Okay, so let’s talk about important things.

In Florida, Governor Rick Scott signed what’s known as the “Pop Tart” bill.

Last year, an 8-year-old boy was suspended for biting a Pop Tart into the shape of a gun. Was the punishment excessive? Of course it was. But does it warrant a ban on any and all disciplinary action? No way.

But that’s exactly why Rick Scott and the Florida Republicans passed in HB-7029, a law which prevents public schools from disciplining children who carry fake guns. By the way, the Pop Tart gun story didn’t happen in Florida, it happened in Maryland. I suppose the NRA and the GOP wanted to preemptively get in front of this obvious crisis in schools where kids are being unjustly punished for brandishing gun-shaped foods before the Constitution is pulverized by the socialist gun-grabbers in the public school system.

Clearly the Pop Tart gun wasn’t a threat. But it’s on a spectrum of what should or shouldn’t be permissible in schools. Where’s the line for fake guns? It’s not outside the realm of possibility for kids to terrorize other kids using fake firearms, especially given heightened awareness following Sandy Hook. And with the Republicans increasingly demanding both armed security guards and armed teachers in schools, how soon before a kid is mistakenly shot for carrying a fake gun? Certainly there should be sensible rules and discipline when it comes to carrying fake guns in schools — perhaps not always as harsh as suspension or expulsion, but something.

Except in Crazy Florida, where everything is predictable and nothing is bizarre.

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