WATCH: Rachel Maddow Has the Perfect Response To Dick Cheney’s Thoughts on Iraq

Rachel Maddow is a national treasure — and last night she proved why.

While we spent a good part of yesterday either dissecting Dick Cheney’s almost unimaginably audacious op-ed on Iraq or simply suggesting that he take his thoughts on the matter and shove them up his ass, Maddow had the best possible response to Dick and his daughter, Liz.

She laughed in their faces.

She laughed because, of course, the Cheneys don’t have an ounce of standing when it comes to discussing what should be done about the catastrophe Dick Cheney and his Bush-era lackeys left in their wake. But she also laughed because the very image of Cheney having crawled out of his hole to put on a ridiculous cowboy hat and throw his supposed weight around was, well, hilarious.

This is one of the best things you’ll see all day. Promise.

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