Guy Who Allegedly Shot a BLM Agent and California Patrolman Is Exactly the Type You’d Imagine

Photo (FILE): Jim Urquhart/Reuters

I’m not sure how this didn’t immediately hit the media bloodstream but apparently over the weekend there was a shooting in California, near the Nevada state line, that left a California Highway Patrolman and an agent for the U.S. Bureau of Land Management injured. According to the Sacramento Bee the shooting happened at a campground, with the BLM agent calling for backup from the California Highway Patrol. Both law enforcement officers were reportedly shot but neither of their wounds is life-threatening. The shooter was also injured and is currently hospitalized.

Now, about that shooter. The Bee identifies him as 60-year-old Brent Douglas Cole. A quick check of social media activity for that name turns up what appear to be the Facebook and Twitter accounts belonging to the guy police say is their gunman. As Charles Johnson over at Little Green Footballs says, the Brent Douglas Cole revealed in these timelines is pretty much your average “Sovereign Citizen” kind of crazy: a guy who rants about the Zionists and the gun-grabbers, who supports groups like the Oath Keepers and “Chemtrails Sky Watch,” and who talks about how Americans need to “get off the fluoride.” Cole is currently awaiting a hearing on a state of California weapons charge against him, which he’s defending as an infringement of his constitutional rights. He maintains a separate online presence at “United Truth Seekers,” where he posts about the Illuminati and how 9/11 was an inside job.

Oh yeah, he’s also a birther.

Since the Bundy Ranch madness began in earnest back in April, the Bureau of Land Management has gone out of its way to tread lightly and be the cooler heads that will hopefully prevail in all of this. It’s staggering when you think about it: duly authorized agents of the federal government have actually allowed themselves to be drawn on by lunatic pretend cowboys; they’ve backed down in the face of a violent threat; and they’ve gone so far as to remove the governmental insignia from their vehicles, all in an attempt to avoid the bloodshed these anti-government “revolutionaries” would almost certainly like to see. They could have just swept in and arrested everybody, violence or not, simply because they were well within their right to do so. But law enforcement knows what it’s dealing with here and so it plays it sane — because somebody has to.

There will of course be more to come on this shooting and we’ll update as necessary. But what’s truly frightening is that there will almost certainly be more shootings like this one to come. These well-armed militia crazies have been waiting for years for this to happen. They planned for it and prepped for it and promised that it would come eventually, with their own conspiracist fears acting as a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy. And now that they’re coming face to face with their sworn enemies, no matter how acquiescent law enforcement tries to be, there’s going to be trouble.

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