The White House Like You’ve Never Seen It Before

They are the Dos Equis guys of journalism, the reportorial equivalent of a gaggle of Chuck Norrises, the Jedi Knights of the People’s House: White House reporters. Although the job seems as glamorous as gathering daily on an unused set for a Starship Troopers series that never got made might suggest, there’s more to the beat than meets the eye on C-SPAN 3. The Daily Banter pulls back the curtain on the most-respected, least-respected beat in journalism, and takes you along for A Day at The White House with our humble correspondent.

Covering the White House is a prestigious post for an up-and-coming reporter, as well as for veteran scribes, but every year, like clockwork, there also rises a chorus of non-White House journalists who insist that the beat, like the Short People of 70s novelty hit lore, ain’t got no reason to live. In the social media age, the White House press corps has developed an intense following, for good or ill, and the people now have more opportunities than ever to converse with the reporters who represent their interests in the Brady Briefing Room.

What they don’t have, though, is a chance to come along and see what goes on behind the scenes, and outside the lines. That’s where I come in. On Tuesday, I decided to bring The Daily Banter’s readers to work with me, videotaping and narrating the notable details of a typical day of work at The White House. As it turned out, it wasn’t exactly a typical day, but the broad strokes are fairly consistent.

The result is the following short film, A Day At The White House, which includes door-to-door coverage of my workday this past Tuesday, and special appearances by many of your favorite White House reporters and press secretaries. You’ll come along for the ride to the White House, around the grounds, and into the press rooms.

If you’ve ever wondered what it’s like to cover the White House for a small online outlet, or even just wanted to know what’s just out of view when you’re watching news from the White House on TV, today is your day. Enjoy A Day At The White House.