Alex Jones Predicts 300,000 Police Officers Will Die In Civil War Against ‘Patriots’

UPDATED below.

Just when you thought radio conspiracy theorist Alex Jones couldn’t get any worse, he managed to double down on the connection between his show and the tragedy in Las Vegas that left two police officers dead.

The following segment from his show is utterly astonishing. In the same four-minute span from today’s show, Jones suggested he’s absolutely not responsible for helping to incite InfoWars disciples Jerad and Amanda Miller to launch a “revolution” against the Vegas police, but then went into detail about how the police, with their military-style armored vehicles, will lose 300,000 officers when the impending civil war begins against those who Jones referred to as “patriots.”

“[The government] needs the police and the military to wipe out the liberty movement, and we wipe them out. […] I estimate in the civil war, 300,000 police will die. I estimate that if the military marches out against the gun owners, half a million dead. Two million dead on the side of the patriots. Won’t matter, we’ll have another 10 million where that came from. But it’ll be a real war once they start it.”

Jones ends the segment by shouting, “We’ve got to stop the civil war. Don’t kill cops!” But seconds earlier he clearly issued the threat that 300,000 cops will die in a civil war at the hands of “patriots,” which is by any account a complimentary term.

What Jones doesn’t seem to realize (or maybe he does) is that this kind of rhetoric speaks directly to the itchy-trigger-fingered militiamen and self-styled revolutionary cosplayers who believe that, yes, the government is going to attack them and seize their weapons, so they should be ready to counterattack — or in the case of the Millers, preemptively strike. And this is evidently patriotic.

Adding… For what it’s worth, this rant occurred after news of the school shooting in Oregon broke.

UPDATE: Alex Jones continues to demonize the police.

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