Watch Heckling Daily Caller Reporter Get Shot Down By New White House Press Secretary

At a daily briefing abbreviated by Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s opening act, newly-minted White House Press Secretary-Designate Josh Earnest took to the podium Monday for his first briefing since being named to succeed current Press Secretary Jay Carney. Earnest was welcomed by a slew of questions about immigration, including one by The Daily Caller‘s resident heckler/Lucky Charms mascot Neil Munro, who got a taste of how Josh will handle Munro’s act going forward.

Munro made a name for himself by heckling President Obama when he announced his executive action on immigration enforcement in 2012, and has lately been relegated to offering the occasional assist to Fox News’ Ed Henry. That executive action, announced almost exactly two years ago, was the topic at today’s briefing, as reporters speculated that misconceptions about the President’s deferred action on the deportation of “DREAMers” is responsible for an influx of unaccompanied minors crossing the border.

In response to queries from several reporters, Earnest pointed out that there are multiple reasons for these undocumented minors to cross the border, including to escape human trafficking and other abuses, and to be reunited with family members already in the states, and explained that the President’s action only covered DREAMers who entered the United States prior to 2007.

While Josh was explaining this to another reporter, Munro showed off his heckling chops, yelling to Earnest “Will the President speak on this? Will the President speak on it? Will the President speak on this? Because after all, people hear his words, even as far as Honduras.”

Here’s how that went for him:

Josh’s response is, of course, in the eye of the beholder. Most White House reporters frown on this kind of disruptive behavior, and liberals will be tickled to watch a right-winger get shut down, but Munro’s audience of aggrieved immigration opponents will eat this up like deep-fried bacon-Twinkies.

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