Las Vegas Shooters Were Alex Jones Fans, So Jones Says the Shooting Was a False Flag

With predictable timing, Alex Jones has announced that the Las Vegas police-shooting/murder-suicide was staged by Sen. Harry Reid (D-NV) in order to mischaracterize Bundy Ranch supporters as being violent goons and weirdos. Right off the bat, the Bundy Ranch cowboy cosplayers don’t need any help looking like goons and weirdos — they’re doing just fine on their own.

Jones has shrinky-dinked yet another bloody tragedy into one of his silly conspiracy theories and pumped it into the thirsty gullets of his paranoid-schizophrenic disciples like foie gras ducks. As we’ve covered here at The Daily Banter for several years now, Jones has made a handsome living by cynically re-packaging events like Sandy Hook, the Boston Marathon bombing and the Navy Yard massacre as false flag plots by the government.

But this one is different.

As we learn more about the shooters, Jerad and Amanda Miller, it’s becoming increasingly clear that they were not only Cliven Bundy supporters, but also proud Alex Jones fans.

For the duration of the Bundy story in particular, Alex Jones spent hour after hour inciting violence against the government. Likewise, Jones has routinely demonized police officers, chiefly by speculating about the “globalist plot to militarize America’s law enforcement.”

He and his InfoWars website has also referred to police officers as “trigger happy,” and “rampaging,” “ruthless thugs.” Furthermore, when the first Bundy protesters arrived and a fracas ensued with sheriff deputies, Jones was all over that story, almost immediately calling it a “time to push.”

So with possible blood on his hands, Jones is trying desperately to blame Reid and the government for the Vegas shootings, anyone but himself — because he has to. All of his raspy-throated rave-outs and eliminationist, revolutionary, anti-police rhetoric might very well have precipitated actual gun violence, so his natural inclination is to deflect blame onto the usual suspects: the globalists and the Illuminati in the U.S. government who are guilty of creeping Nazi oppression against the people (his view, not mine, obviously).

It’s another false flag, slotting neatly into Jones’ ongoing narrative, allowing him to continue to indoctrinate his followers with the idea that it’s okay to fight back against rampaging, ruthless thugs.

This isn’t a reality show or a video game. Alex Jones and his people are deadly serious, and they’re influencing very deranged people. And while they, like anyone else, have the right to freely express their views, those rights end when violence is incited and especially when a firearm is aimed at innocent people.

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