Here’s the Best Response So Far To the American Family Association’s Freakout Over the New Harvey Milk Stamp

“American Family Association tells members not to accept mail using Harvey Milk stamps but licking & using them once doesn’t mean you’re gay.”

Actor James Morrison, via Twitter

So, yeah, the ultra-conservative Christian AFA is pushing its members to refuse any letter or package mailed with one of the new Milk stamps. Because that’ll show the gays.

From the group’s press release:

Honoring predator Harvey Milk on a U.S. postage stamp is disturbing to say the least. Harvey Milk was a very disreputable man and used his charm and power to prey on young boys with emotional problems and drug addiction. He is the last person we should be featuring on a stamp.

In a completely unrelated item, you can make a “donation” to the American Family Association by way of their mailing address, which is P.O. Drawer 2440, Tupelo, MS 38803. Don’t forget a stamp.

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