Fox News’ Ed Henry Has Meltdown Over Epic White People Problem

Rule number one for any holiday weekend is that, with most of the media maxing and relaxing, your Twitter meltdown will become news, as Fox News Chief White House correspondent Ed Henry is finding out.

Over the weekend, Henry lost his shit on U.S. Airways because they bumped him from a flight in favor of a “government official.” Wait, did I say bumped him from a flight? Sorry, they bumped him from first class. Can we get a box of tissues with our bag of peanuts?

Lost in the heady rush of pointing and laughing at Henry’s absurd entitlement, though, is the fact that Henry’s Twitter rant was, first and foremost, bad journalism. In a series of tweets, Henry berated U.S. Airways, not just for denying Ed Henry the heated towels and numerous snacks and mimosas of first class, but for The People of first class. All for some “government official.”

Here’s where it gets idiotic, or at least, more idiotic. US Airways tries to explain to Henry that they really can’t get into this over Twitter:

No, dipshit, you aren’t the only “third party,” the person who bumped you is, too. They can’t divulge that person’s details, either, and whoever told you it was a “government official” is probably going to get fired. Henry continues:

Hours later, Henry was still bitching about it:

Then, someone pointed out what a whiny idiot Ed was being, and the obvious reason he should probably shut the fuck up, which Ed obviously already knew, but still, just because, so there!

As a matter of fact, people getting bumped for air marshals isn’t the COACHGHAZI!! Ed thinks it is. The problem, for US Airways, is that they are completely unable to explain to Ed’s audience of aggrieved first class travelers that he’s being an idiot (emphasis mine):

By law, airlines must provide seats to marshals at no cost in any cabin requested. With first-class and business-class seats in particular, the revenue loss to airlines can be substantial because they can’t sell last-minute tickets or upgrades, and travelers sometimes get bumped to the back or lose out on upgrade opportunities. When travelers do get bumped, airlines are barred from divulging why the first-class seat was unexpectedly taken away, to keep the presence of a marshal a secret. Bumped travelers—airlines can’t disclose how many passengers are affected—typically get coach seats and refunds on the cash or miles they paid for the better seat.

This is the classic nut-punch, in which a reporter asks a question for which there is a reasonable answer, but an answer which cannot be given publicly. It looks like Ed landed this one accidentally, so maybe he will apologize for his lapse in judgment. I’m sure Ed would agree that if you’re going to have an air marshal on your plane, that’s the guy you want to have some elbow room. Or maybe not:

Air marshal or not, Louis C.K. probably explained this better than I ever could. Maybe Ed could play this on his iPhone next time this happens, before he starts tweeting:

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