Here’s How To Start Your Own Buzzfeed For $21.89

Do you remember that part in The Matrix after Neo takes the red pill and finds himself essentially trapped in a gooey synthetic womb? And later Morpheus explains to him that it was part of a literal field of humans that the machines farm to sustain themselves, harvesting individual pods when they need to feed and forsaking all humanity in the process?

Do you remember that?

Well, is kind of like the “Shitty Internet Article” version of that.

Marketing itself as “Your Source for Premium Content,” GhostBloggers is a giant directory of “unique articles” that were written by recent college graduates, laid-off journalists, and starving aspiring novelists who were given much less money to write said unique articles than GhostBloggers charges for them.

All so that your site can house the can’t-miss advice in “Ask These Three Questions Before Hiring A Siding Contractor” (601 words, $30.05).

Now I know firsthand what its like to be a freelance reporter; you take what you can get. But isn’t this just lowering the Lowest Common Denominator for what we’re accepting as professionalwriting past even where content farms like Elite Daily — who have tricked impressionable Millennials into writing pointless content for free — have forced it down to the past few years?

Or is this just helping our sustenance cycle run more efficiently?

Bloggers with no experience or formal education Aspiring writers need validation (and money), websites need dumb articles to generate views and validate their existence in the grand expanse of the internet, readers need pointless listicles that validate their experience as “A 20-Something That Just Moved To New York” instead of essays that challenge their views on what is right and good and true in the world.

Everybody wins, right?

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