THE MORNING BANTER: VA in Crisis, J-Law’s “Rape Joke” Backlash, Tweeting on the Toilet and Mel Brooks Looks Back

It’s Friday and you’re just hours away from the start of the weekend. Here are a few headlines and internet tidbits to help you pass that time.

1. Whatever he’s gonna do, he’d better do it fast

USA Today: Shinseki Pledges to Fix VA’s problems

2. Here’s your “Today in ‘Oh, for fuck’s sake.'”

The Huffington Post: Jennifer Lawrence Allegedly Makes Rape Joke At Cannes, And People Are Not Happy About It

3. You shouldn’t be doing any business in the place where you do your business.

Slate: Stop Working in the Water Closet

4. His mind has always been aglow with whirling, transient nodes of thought careening through a cosmic vapor of invention.

Esquire: Mel Brooks Remembers The Funniest Movie He Ever Made

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