Space Oddity: David Lynch’s Version of “Return of the Jedi” Will Haunt Your Dreams

Of all the strange little details about the making of the original Star Wars trilogy, perhaps none is appropriately stranger than this one: David Lynch was originally drafted to direct Return of the Jedi. Lucas actually met with Lynch — and reportedly gave him a headache, as he would later do to his legions of fans — and tried to sell him on directing the third installment of the most successful movie franchise in history. Aside from a few shorts, Lynch had nothing more than Eraserhead and The Elephant Man under his belt, but even then he knew the direction he wanted to go in with his career and it sure as hell wasn’t directing a bunch of living teddy-bears.

Still, imagine the hallucinatory insanity. Imagine what a Lynchian Star Wars would look like. That’s precisely what a YouTube user who goes by the name “C-SPIT” did, and the trailer he cut out of the original Jedi material — along with a few minor additions — now gives us a glimpse of the nightmare galaxy far, far away that never was. Seriously, imagine Dennis Hopper playing the Emperor, with a tank full of amyl nitrite, demanding that Vader sing Orbison’s In Dreams just before he fires lightning out of his hands to kill Luke.

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