THE MORNING BANTER: A Mega-Media Merger, Gluten Sensitivity Is Crap, Stop Asking Celebs To Prom, and America the Stupid

Another Monday is here. Let’s drop a few headlines and internet goodies on you to distract you from the pain of a new work week.

1. Eventually there’s only going to be one big media company. And it will suck.

The Huffington Post: AT&T To Acquire DirecTV For $48.5 Billion

2. Now will you just shut the hell up and eat already?

Jezebel Kitchenette: Gluten Sensitivity is Apparently Bullshit

The Maude: New Food Excuses For You Now That Gluten Sensitivity Has Been Debunked!

3. It doesn’t make you look cool — it just makes you look creepy and sad.

Esquire: Why We Need To Stop Celebrity Prom Dates — Now

4. “If ignorance is contagious, it’s high time to put the United States in quarantine.”

Maclean’s: America Dumbs Down

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