Patton Oswalt Comes Face-To-Face with Internet Trolls (and Learns Something)

In addition to being a damn brilliant comic, Patton Oswalt has made a name for himself lately thanks to the creative ways he’s figured out to piss off the internet.

You can make the argument that he’s the ultimate Twitter troll, but his desire to use his own infamy in certain circles to good-naturedly mock our culture’s obsession with being outraged stems from the fact that he was made infamous in the first place. Salon and the pissy niche it both caters to and exploits drew first blood, attacking him last year for supposedly being part of the problem of “rape culture” simply by not speaking out against it. It was ridiculous from the start, but the fact that Patton pushed back and continues to has made him a thorn in the side of the incredibly self-serious.

In a new clip over at Funny or Die, though, Patton plays one of his usual tricks on his “haters” — and the whole thing winds up backfiring in spectacular fashion. Put it this way: a member of SEAL Team Six tells him he sucks.

It’s pretty entertaining stuff.

Patton Oswalt Confronts His Haters


Patton Oswalt

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