Apparently, the U.S. Government Will Be Overthrown. On Friday.

This way the revolutionary cosplayers involved will still have the weekend, you know, to party.

Yes, this Friday, a group called Operation American Spring (OAS) plans to converge on Washington, DC and to overthrow both the Democratic and Republican political leadership, including President Obama, Majority Leader Harry Reid, Speaker John Boehner and Attorney General Eric Holder. Here’s a list of some of the crazy things OAS and its leader, Army Colonel Harry Riley (retired), are attempting to achieve:

–10 to 30 million protesters to mirror the crowds in Egypt, which, by the way, turned out really well. Yeah, okay. Drop “million” from that number and there you go.

–They plan to have a simultaneous protest in, you guessed it, Bunkerville, NV, in solidarity with scofflaw rancher (and the old man who knows something about the negro), Cliven Bundy.

–They intend to urge all of the non-deposed political leaders to dissolve the government by two-thirds its current size. Specifically, “West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy” will assume leadership positions in the new government. I’m not sure if they realize that Allen West and Jim DeMint aren’t members of Congress anymore, but okay.

–The movement will seek to institute — wait for it — nullification in the states to overturn all federal taxes, including “employment taxes, employer taxes and income taxes.” Nullification always seems to pop up with these people. Their true Confederate roots are showing.

–Colonel Riley denounced the use of violence, so there’s that. The first “Rule of Engagement” on the OAS website is, admirably: “(1) No weapons. No ammunition. The Communist forces that control Washington DC do not recognize the 2nd Amendment and have banned all weapons and ammunition from the district.” However, if you recall, his supporters on right-wing radio think the military should stage a coup. But Colonel Riley believes the event will be “non-violent, unarmed, peaceful.” Does anyone seriously believe these people won’t be armed?

–Speaking of armed conflict, the OAS website warned, “Will this be a cake-walk? No, it will be painful, and some people may die because the government will not be non-violent; some of us will end up in a cell, and some may be injured.”

–Rest assured, though, Colonel Riley has a plan: “It is unclear how this will all unravel.” Or maybe not.

–Operation American Spring comes with a theme song!

–The official OAS website informs us that: “A duck cannot be turned into a fox; an elephant cannot be turned into a flea; the laws of nature will not permit.” Uh. What?

–Okay, this is funny. The third rule of engagement urges attendees: “If you don’t break the law you won’t get arrested. Follow the law. Keep it peaceful. No threats period.” Follow the law? No threats? They’re trying to overthrow the government. Breaking the law is their whole thing!

–If the overthrowing of the government lasts more than a day, attendees have been told to find lodging in DC, Maryland and Virginia. Because there aren’t any permits for tents. So, what? At sundown, the overthrowing of the government will stop while the OAS hop a Metro ride to the Motel 6 in Gaithersburg? Now, seriously, what the hell kind of overthrowing of the government is this anyway?

You know, it’s almost cute how earnest they are about this. They really, really believe it’ll happen. But obviously — obviously! — it won’t. At least a few dozen old white guys will get to pretend like they’re making a difference with their twisted, archaic agenda. They’ll get to play dress-em-up and take selfies like serious revolutionaries for a day and hang out at the National Mall, maybe take a look at a museum or two. And sorry, no, there will be no overthrowing of the government.

“No threats period.” Sheesh. Idiots.

Bob Cesca is the host of the Bob Cesca Show podcast, a twice weekly political talk show. He’s also a contributor to Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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