THE MORNING BANTER: Sterling Is Sorry, Colbert’s Replacement, Religion Will Ruin Us, and Killing Tyrion?

Happy Monday. Here are some headlines and assorted internet goodies to help you forget that another workweek is here.

1. Something tells me this won’t work.

The Huffington Post: Donald Sterling Tells Anderson Cooper: ‘I Made A Terrible Mistake. I’m Here To Apologize’

2. It matters that Larry Willmore isn’t your standard middle-aged white guy. What matters, more, though is that he’s really, really funny.

CNN: Larry Wilmore of ‘Daily Show’ To Succeed Colbert with ‘Minority Report’

3. We’re not worthy.

io9: Are Religious Beliefs Going To Screw Up First Contact?

4. I’m not sure anything can be as good as Rick & Morty right now, but this might come close — for me to poop on.

Vulture: Triumph the Insult Comic Dog and Jack McBrayer Will Star in an Adult Swim Buddy Comedy

5. If there’s one character whose death would cause audiences to revolt, this is it. (And if you’ve read the book and know that he gets eaten by a dragon or something, shut the hell up.)

The New Republic: Would ‘Game of Thrones’ Let Tyrion Die?

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