Spot The Blooper in This Fox News Tease About Teen Hookups on Tinder

Here at The Daily Banter, we don’t usually traffic in news bloopers, but since this one doubles as a test of mental acuity, we’ll make an exception. On Monday morning, Fox 26 News at 8 a.m. teased a story about Tinder, a smartphone app that allows users to locate hookup opportunities in their vicinity, and which “teens and ‘tweens” are apparently using more than they should be (which is to say, at all). So what could possibly go wrong in a 15-second news tease?

See if you can spot the blooper (and no peeking ahead):

The co-anchor looks as though she might have spotted it, but someone at the station definitely did, because the shot in question was missing from the package that ran with the report in the next hour.

At about the 12 second mark, the b-roll running underneath the reporter’s tease shows a Droid user asking “So when are we going to fuck?”

For bonus points, when the girl he’s texting says “lol pardon me?” he replies “Excuse me where are my manners, at what point in time are we going to have sexual relations?”

Some sharp-eyed Redditor caught the offending shot and screen-capped it, so now, it will live forever. Happy Monday.