Anonymous Hacker Collective Ironically Targeting Glenn Greenwald and His Book Tour

It was only three months ago when Glenn Greenwald, in collaboration with a mainstream news outlet he repeatedly bashes as being subservient to power, published an article in which he conflated malicious hacking with constitutionally protected speech. Therefore, any government efforts to thwart hacking collectives like Anonymous via DDoS attacks and the like are in actuality oppressively fighting a “war” against free speech. Here are some of his follow-up tweets:

So Greenwald must have been surprised to learn today that Anonymous is targeting him now.

Tom Boggioni (aka. Tbogg) at Raw Storyreported today that in retribution for partnering with eBay and PayPal billionaire Pierre Omidyar, hackers have been tasked with disrupting Greenwald’s current book tour. This is evidently in response to the prosecution of the so-called “PayPal 14,” a group of hackers who tried to disrupt PayPal’s services and now must pay $80,000 in restitution for their, you know, exercise of free speech.

Frankly, I don’t know how to feel about this since I don’t like Greenwald’s brand of journalism nor do I in any way support Anonymous or their recent endowment with free speech cred. But I certainly enjoy the irony that in spite of Greenwald’s futile attempt to defend these people they’ve decided to go after him. There’s no indication they plan to hack Greenwald’s computers or the computers operated by The Intercept, his publisher or Sony, which evidently is developing his new book into a movie. But they do intend to physically disrupt his appearances and book signings.

If the “protests” turn into hacking, I wonder whether Greenwald will continue to defend it as protected speech. Hmm.