Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Lies About President Obama And Veterans’ Administration Scandal

The Veterans Administration is currently embroiled in a sickening scandal over allegations that the Phoenix Veterans Affairs Health Care system kept fraudulent records that delayed treatment for vets, up to 40 of whom may have died while waiting for care. This morning, on Fox & Friends Sunday, co-host Tucker Carlson decided to show his deep concern for veterans by lying about President Obama in order to get off a sick burn. Again, it’s nothing new to have a Fox News personality lie about something, but when the lie is used in such a sick, exploitative fashion, it bears calling out.

Administrators at the Phoenix VA had been keeping two separate sets of appointment books, in order to make it appear that veterans were getting appointments in a timely fashion, when in reality, they were waiting months. According to CNN, as many as 40 patients died while on the fraudulent waiting list.

On Fox & Friends Sunday, Tucker Carlson took the opportunity to crack wise about President Obama and Don Sterling, telling viewers “There is still no public reaction from the President of the United States who oversees all of this, who took time out of his busy schedule to attack an NBA owner over comments he made that were ugly, but he hasn’t taken any time to talk about veterans who died from neglect at the V.A.”

Hey, that’s a good one, Tucker. He’s right, President Obama did denounce Don Sterling over his racist remarks, at a joint press conference during his Asia trip. That was on April 27. Also on that Asia trip, at a joint press conference, the very next day, the President actually did offer a public reaction. Actually, he was responding to a question from Fox News’ Ed Henry:

Fox News should insist that Carlson issue an immediate retraction and apology. Americans may disagree on a great many things, but caring for our veterans should never be used for cheap political quippery.

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