Fox News’ Eric Bolling Lies About President Obama’s Comments On Nigerian Kidnappings

Someone on Fox News lied, which really only means it’s a day ending in “y,” but the substance of the lie is just further evidence of the deranged lengths to which conservatives will go in order to attack President Obama. On Thursday’s edition of The Five, right before Andrea Tantaros said something even bat-shittier, co-host Eric Bolling told his audience that President Obama “was at a fundraiser last night,” and said, of the kidnapped Nigerian girls, “I wish I had something I could do, I wish I could just do something.”

“Well, he could, he can,” Bolling continued, and went on to suggest that “we drone people for less” than what Boko Haram has done.

Media Mattersflagged the exchange because, later in the segment, Tantaros accused the President of “siding with the enemy,” but Bolling’s lie caught my attention because of its naked, callous politicization of a horror that has gripped the world. Here at The Daily Banter, we’ve already come up with a word for people whose first thought is to use those kidnapped girls as a political cudgel, and it applies here as well. Set aside the implication that President Obama made the remarks at a political fundraiser, rather than at the USC Shoah Foundation dinner, and try to figure out what kind of person twists what the President actually said:

“I have this remarkable title right now,” President Obama said, “President of the United States, and yet every day when I wake up, and I think about young girls in Nigeria or children caught up in the conflict in Syria — when there are times in which I want to reach out and save those kids — and having to think through what levers, what power do we have at any given moment, I think, ‘drop by drop by drop,’ that we can erode and wear down these forces that are so destructive; that we can tell a different story.”

As it turns out, the United States is reaching out to try and save those kids, which isn’t quite as simple as “droning people,” but the President’s point was to praise the work of the Shoah Foundation in trying to create a world in which things like this don’t happen. Because of their work, the President said, “our children, and their children, and their children’s children will hear from the survivors, but they’ll also hear from the liberators, the Righteous Among the Nations. And because of your work, their stories, years and decades from now, will still be wearing down bigotry, and eroding apathy, and opening hearts, drop by drop by drop.”


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