Glenn Greenwald: Supporting the Effort to Find 270 Kidnapped Nigerian Girls is “Horrifying”

In response to an op/ed in The Guardian that calls for feminists in the west to support the effort to find 270 teenage Nigerian girls kidnapped by Islamic jahadists known as Boko Haram, Glenn Greenwald tweeted the following:

So according to Greenwald supporting the effort to find these girls whom the terrorist abductors plan to sell into slavery is ignorant, “horrifying” and “The Next Western Intervention.”

Okay. Awful.

The kidnappings weren’t horrifying — but standing “in solidarity with these girls, their mothers, and their fathers,” the point of the op/ed, is “horrifying” to Greenwald. Perhaps if it was 270 Edward Snowdens who were abducted, Greenwald wouldn’t be so heartless. Meal ticket, etc.

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