Fox News’ Eric Bolling Has Chronic 9/11 Brain Fart Syndrome

The Colbert Report host Stephen Colbert took several stinging shots at Fox News’ Eric Bolling on last night’s report over Bolling’s failure to remember that Osama bin Laden was actually killed more than a year before the attack on a U.S. diplomatic facility in Benghazi on September 11, 2012. Lost in Colbert’s viciousness and, dare I say, pettiness was the fact that Eric Bolling suffers from a chronic condition for which he deserves compassion, not cold, indifferent ridicule.

On Monday’s edition of The Five, the condition struck Bolling as he tried to explain, to his fellow four, that the attack in Benghazi “was prior to Osama bin Laden being taken down, and the thought was and the discussion was, is President Obama going into the re-election soft on terror or not.”

He was quickly corrected by Dana Perino, and as these tragic souls are wont to do, laughed it off with a “my bad,” then brought it up again the next day to laugh about it some more. Laugh to keep from crying, that is.

Colbert cruelly mocked Bolling and company, particularly Dana Perino (a fellow sufferer), whom Colbert suggested had thought of a great new Fox News motto, “Fox News, Fair and Balanced, a great point if it were true.”

He went on to accuse Bolling of “pulling a passionate heart-felt conspiracy theory straight out of his ass,” and wondered “Oh, September 11th. Well, how on Earth are you supposed to never forget that?”

This is no laughing matter, Mr. Colbert, except when Eric Bolling and The Five are laughing at it, and calling back to it the next day to laugh about it. It is a serious condition that afflicts countless conservatives, including Dana Perino, and including the condition’s namesake, but this may be the first time Giuliamnesia™ has struck the same person twice, and caused him to forget the timing of events on two different September 11ths. Instead of ridiculing Bolling, Colbert should be trying to get all Giuliamnesia™ sufferers the compassionate care they deserve, before the comdition spreads to the many other terrorist attacks that occurred while George W. Bush was keeping us safe. Won’t you please help?

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