Patton Oswalt Brilliantly Trolls for Twitter Outrage

If it weren’t so hilarious it would be depressing. A little earlier this afternoon Patton Oswalt began trolling Twitter and the rest of the internet, trying to drum up outrage over nothing. Literally, nothing.

What he did was simple: He started posting tweets that referenced and apologized for tweets he says he deleted because they were offensive, but of course the “deleted tweets” weren’t real. They never were. So this is what his feed looked like:

Then he just sat back and waited for the random, unfocused rage — over comments that never actually existed — to pour in.

He didn’t have to wait long.

They’re still piling on, of course. But so are a lot of people who understand exactly what Patton’s doing here, given that this isn’t the first time he’s pulled off a masterfully creative troll campaign on Twitter.

Seriously, just fucking genius.

Adding: This exchange…