THE MORNING BANTER: Mayweather Madness, Acrobat Accident, Sidibe & Schumer, and McHale Slams the GOP

It’s Monday and unless you plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayor all day that means it’s probably back to the gerbil wheel with you. Here are a few headlines and assorted internet droppings to make your morning complete.

1. A lot of questions about this one.

The Huffington Post: Marcos Maidana: ‘Floyd Did Not Fight Like The Man I Expected’

2. It’s shocking this kind of thing doesn’t happen more often.

CNN: Circus Acrobats Injured when Apparatus Fails in Rhode Island

3. Strong words from strong (and cool) women.

Vulture: Read Gabourey Sidibe’s Wonderful Speech From the Ms. Foundation Gala

Vulture: Read Amy Schumer’s Powerful Speech About Confidence

4. “It was if millions of nerds cried out in orgasmic bliss…”

The Verge: J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan Celebrate Star Wars Day with ‘Video Selfie’

5. And from this weekend’s White House Correspondents Dinner, Joel McHale’s best line of the night.