THE MORNING BANTER: NAACP Resignation, the Satanic Monument Revealed, Spacey in “Call of Duty,” and Wright Still Rules

Friday is finally here and it’s almost time to get your weekend drink on. Here are the headlines and a few other internet goodies to pass the time ’til you can make your escape.

1. The Donald Sterling fiasco has claimed another scalp — and this one could settle the question, “What about the fact that the NAACP was going to give Sterling a Lifetime Achievement Award, huh?”

NBC Los Angeles: LA NAACP President Resigns Amid Donald Sterling Controversy

2. It appears Clayton Lockett didn’t go quietly in more ways than one.

The Huffington Post: Clayton Lockett Was Tasered On The Day Of His Botched Execution

3. Hail Satan!

Vice: Here’s The First Look at the New Satanic Monument Being Built for Oklahoma’s Statehouse

4. This promises to be interesting. The first hints of the new Call of Duty game include Kevin Spacey and a whole lot of Blackwater-esque action.

Variety: Has Kevin Spacey Found His Next Villain Role in ‘Call of Duty’?

5. The genius of this man could always be summed up in just one sentence. Which sentence was your favorite depended. Mine was, “The ice cream truck in my neighborhood plays Helter Skelter.

The New York Times: Headwaters for a River of Stand-Up: Steven Wright’s Offbeat Humor Has Nurtured Other Comics

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