DR. ED’S INSPIRATION EMAIL SERIES: The Carl Sagan “Pale Blue Dot” Edition

After a lifetime of working in organizational development, my dad eventually found his dream vocation about 10 years ago when he began teaching college-level organizational psychology at a few local universities. He takes pride in being the cool old professor who will drop a swear word every now and then or who will occasionally tell everyone the book is wrong and he is right. “Oh Captain, my captain” kind of stuff.

And ever since my freshman year of college, my dad has been amassing a small army’s worth of a listserv that he sporadically blasts with inspiration videos or stories. One day, my friends were in my dorm room and saw me reading one of my dad’s quirkily enjoyable emails, they loved it, and asked if they could join this handcrafted email list. I never knew how out of control it got until I met a girl on campus a few weeks later, only to find out that she was a devoted follower of “Dr. Ed”s  email therapy.

I still  get a “Fwd: _____” subject line email from him every now and then, and while I sometimes want to brush it off as spam, in a world where we apparently need a procrastination break every 5 minutes, at least his curation of inspirational viral material has a deeper purpose.

So stop watching videos of people getting hit in the nuts by their cat and enjoy having your perspective rattled a bit by Carl Sagan:

This video has been Dr. Ed approved.