THE MORNING BANTER: Waterboarding Baptisms, Tornadoes, Heat Solidarity, and HBO’s Leftovers

Happy Tuesday! We all hate that one coworker of yours too! Here’s what’s happening on the interweb:

1. Sarah Palin Addresses NRA Rally: ‘If I Were in Charge… Waterboarding is How We Baptize Terrorists’

“Outside of a fringe gaggle of sexually repressed far-right pervs and reactionaries, the rest of the world is laughing at you, not with you.” – our own Bob Cesca

2. More Tornadoes Barrel Through Southern US 

Six deaths were reported in Alabama and one in Mississippi after twisters struck on Monday evening, although not all these fatalities were confirmed, just like climate change.

3. Heat Players Protest Donald Sterling In Show Of Solidarity With Clippers Players

In an act of solidarity with their NBA brethren, the Miami Heat players replicated the Clippers warmup protest before their game in Charlotte last night, though it is widely assumed that Mario Chalmers was unaware of the defiant symbolism and was just doing it to look cool in front of LeBron.

4. WATCH: The Trailer for the New Upcoming HBO Series The Leftovers

It seems to really focus on the negative side of 98% of the population suddenly disappearing from the face of the Earth…