Bill Gates Is Trying His Best To Make “Mosquito Week” A Thing

Since Bill Gates has already started making substantial headway in revolutionizing the condom, he and his foundation have begun trying to save the world in a new way.

Their latest idea: Mosquito Week.

In a post on Mashable, Bill Gates cites the devastating effects that mosquito-borne diseases such as malaria (600,000 deaths a year), dengue fever, and yellow fever cause on the world’s population — not to mention the “billions of dollars in lost productivity annually” — as the impetus behind the new initiative.

But besides just the hyper-sexualizing mosquito-born diseases, Mosquito Week will help people learn about inoculation research, let them read a first-hand account of what it’s like to have malaria, and of course, Bill Gates has “shared a few thoughts” about why he’s optimistic that we can eradicate this disease — which he asserts “would be one of the greatest accomplishments in health ever.”

And while there probably won’t be anything as awesome as this:

Bill Gates does mention a story in which he put his arm into a “cage full of hungry mosquitos” and is the first to admit that this is going to take a leap of faith on everyone’s part to embrace it: “I can’t promise that Anopheles Gambiae will be quite as exciting as hammerheads and Great Whites. But maybe you’ll come away with a new appreciation for these flying masters of mayhem.”

Or at least you’ve enjoyed the mental image of Bill Gates smirking to himself as he came up with that “flying masters of mayhem” line.