VIDEO: Hillary Clinton Criticizes Snowden, Mocks His Putin Q&A

During an interview at the University of Connecticut, the prospective 2016 Democratic frontrunner and former Secretary of State was asked about Snowden’s theft and leaking of NSA files, and Clinton delivered both an excoriation of the document theft, and chiefly Snowden’s journey to both China and Russia.

“I have a hard time thinking that somebody who is a champion of privacy and liberty has taken refuge in Russia under Putin’s authority.”

The highlight of her response was when she mocked Snowden’s question for Putin as well as Putin’s response, as if the duo were in cahoots — lobbing a big softball, then swinging away.

“And then he calls into a Putin talk show and says, ‘President Putin, do you spy on people?’ And President Putin says, ‘Well, from one intelligence professional to another, of course not.’ ‘Oh, thank you so much!’ I don’t know. I have a hard time following that.”

Now stand back and watch Edward Snowden’s disciples begin in earnest their chants of “Kucinich/Sanders 2016!” Because that’s a recipe for victory.

(Via Mother Jones)

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