HERO: Train Engineer Kicks Selfie-Taking A**hole, Strikes Blow for All of Humanity

As with all shocking things that appear on YouTube and immediately generate viral circulation, this has to be prefaced with an acknowledgement that it could very easily be a Kimmel prank. If it is, or if it’s otherwise a put-on, I guess we’ll find out soon enough.

That said, fake or not, what you’re about to see is a 10-second revenge fantasy for anybody over the age of maybe 35. A guy with the screen name Jared Michael posted this clip yesterday of what he claims was his attempt to take a selfie — God, that fucking word can’t die quickly enough — near a set of train tracks as a locomotive was coming. He says he tried to keep a safe distance away, but if the video is to be believed it didn’t work out that way, because as the train passes him, loudly blasting its horn, the engineer sticks out his foot and kicks “Jared” in the head.

Really, is there a better illustration of the generational divide in the year 2014: A working class guy driving a train putting his boot to the head of some twee Millennial narcissist, who, after he recovers, delights in the fact that he got the whole thing on video. It’s just too perfect.

Yeah, it’s probably fake. We couldn’t get this lucky.

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