Slate Helps Grieving ‘Game of Thrones’ Fans with Interactive Virtual Graveyard

Game of Thrones is an awesome show, but man does it get confusing sometimes. One can barely keep up with what’s going on in the real world, much less George R.R. Martin’s (and that’s not even considering the Marvel and DC Universes…and DC’s parallel universes…and Marvel’s alternate timelines…).

But at least the dead characters in Game of Thrones are staying put (for the most part), and thanks to Chris Kirk and Kate Blair over at Slate, you can now properly take the time to grieve them/remember that they did that thing in the castle that one time.

Head over to Slateto play around with the interactive graveyard, learn more than you ever wanted to know about these characters, and leave flowers that you can share on Facebook and Twitter (which seems incredibly pointless, but will probably be a huge social media hit because #internet).

Winter is Spoilers are coming.