Nancy Grace and the Death of Decency

by Patrick Perion

*Trigger warning*

Over the weekend, Utah authorities found the remains of seven infants, allegedly killed by their mother, Megan Huntsman. According to reports, she admitted to killing six of them by strangulation or suffocation. The seventh was allegedly still born.

This is a tragedy rarely seen. As a twenty year veteran of Child Protective Services, I’ve been to far too many autopsies of babies and children. Going to seven at one time? Even for my thick skin, that would be a challenge.

Fortunately, though, we have Nancy Grace to guide us through the gruesome details. Ms. Grace has a history of taking a special interest in nationally known cases that involve the death of children. Her Casey Anthony and George Zimmerman coverage were nonpareil, because no-one in major media today likes to pick the bones of dead children like Ms. Grace.

Tonight it what can only be described as a window to her soul the empty place where her soul should be, her official Twitter Account tweeted this:

And the Hash Tag #BoxesofBabies has gone unchecked.

While many people chalk this up to normal TV sensationalism, I take personal offense. The death of children is not a glib, funny tweet. It’s not an alliterative hash tag. It’s real life.

After seeing the tweet from Ms. Grace’s account I went on a Twitter rant that probably means nothing to her. Unfortunately what Ms. Grace deems as a good news story and a ratings grabber, has far more serious consequences outside the TV studio.

The people who responded to the home, be they Sheriff’s deputies, CPS, Firefighters or paramedics, aren’t going to forget this scene any time soon. They won’t be spreading heartless tweets or being glib about headlines that say boxes of babies. They are men and women, human to the core that will take this to the grave.

Maybe Ms. Grace and her staffers are unaware of PTSD, because you know, it’s never in the news. People who do this for a living, who deal with horrors that Ms. Grace can only blab about, have a very high rate of PTSD. Rolling up on the death of one person is hard enough. Seven babies? Don’t even want to think about the nightmares.

These were seven tragic souls, their mother, most certainly mentally ill, or as Nancy Grace likes to call them: ratings.

I’ll end this post with a simple question with regards to Joseph Welch. Have you no decency Ms. Grace? I think we all know the answer.