Kansas Shooting Suspect Frazier Glenn Miller in November Radio Call: ‘I Am a Proud Terrorist!’

Frazier Glenn Miller, Jr., the man arrested in the shooting deaths of three people at the Jewish Community Center of Greater Kansas City and Village Shalom in Overland Park, Kansas has a long history of public white supremacist rantings, including multiple appearances as a guest on radio programs like The Howard Stern Show and the David Pakman Show. In November, however, Miller was a caller to the Jay Thomas Show when Craig Cobb was the guest, and told Thomas that “If I’m a terrorist because I want my people to survive, then I’m a terrorist, right, and I’m a proud terrorist!”

On the November 6 edition of The Jay Thomas Show, Thomas conducted a nearly two-hour interview with Craig Cobb, the white supremacist who tried to form a whites-only enclave in Leith, North Dakota, and would find out a week later that he, himself, was 14 percent African-American. One of the callers to that program was identified as “Glenn from Missouri,” but in emails to radio host David Pakman, Frazier Glenn Miller boasted about his performance on the show, and received kudos from Cobb on white nationalist message boards.

During the call, Miller told Thomas that he and Cobb were motivated because “the white race is dying out,” and that “the process is accelerated every day by the anti-white hate propaganda that goes on by the Jewish media.”

He also said that more people don’t join him because “they’re terrified by political correctness…. White people are terrified to speak their minds.”

Asked why white people are dying out, Miller responded “Mainly because the Jews have created cultures in white countries that is no longer conducive to white procreation.”

Miller also railed against affirmative action, and relentlessly plugged David Duke’s website. Toward the end of Miller’s call, which lasted more than ten minutes, a caller referred to Miller and Cobb as “domestic terrorists,” to which Miller replied “If I’m a terrorist because I want my people to survive, then I’m a terrorist, right, and I’m a proud terrorist!”

He concluded by denying that the Holocaust occurred, on the basis of a German law against denying the Holocaust. Eventually, Thomas muted Miller so others could participate in the conversation, and never went back to him.

Here’s the audio of Frazier Glenn Miller (known on white supremacist forums as “Rounder”) on the November 6 edition of The Jay Thomas Show:

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