Watch In Real Time As Americans Prove How Little They Know About Our Country

Citing things like a National Geographic 2006 Geographic Literacy Survey of Americans which reported that only 50% of participants could identify New York on an unlabeled map, only 67% could find Louisiana, and only 43% could locate Ohio as inspiration, the website Movoto commissioned a team of researches and journalists to do a study on just how poor Americans’ sense of their own national geography is.

That team then gathered a collection of 400 people and had them attempt to locate all of the states on an unlabeled map. For each of the states, quiz-takers were given 5 seconds to move their cursors to the correct area of the map.

The twist: their cursors were outfitted with motion-tracking technology which allowed Movoto’s team to see exactly how they moved their mice when searching for the correct answer.

Enjoy being horribly depressed as you check out the results:

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