Sebelius: Obamacare Enrollments Surge Past 7.5 Million

After months of saturation Obamacare coverage that consisted of white-hot attention to the disastrous rollout of the website, false story after false story about people having their lives ruined by the Affordable Care Act, a bombardment of myths that would embarrass Aesop, and relentless predictions that it would never come close to reaching the goal of 7 million enrollments, the good news about Obamacare keeps getting whispered out this month.

On the heels of last week’s announcement that Affordable Care Act enrollments had surpassed 7 million on the eve of the deadline, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius has now placed that tally at 7.5 million, and counting:

“As of this week, 400,000 additional Americans have signed up and we expect that number to continue to grow,” Sebelius told a Senate Finance Committee hearing.

…“I do not have data to give you right now in terms of who exactly was previously uninsured,” she said in response to a question. She said the agency is collecting that data from insurers and will share it at a future date.

Sebelius cited the recent RAND Corp. study that found 9.3 million people gaining health insurance because of the law, including a spike in people getting insurance through a job.

“And I can tell you those numbers will be much more significant once we tally” the latest enrollments, she said.

To that point, though, the most recent Gallup survey puts the percentage of uninsured Americans at 14.5% for the second half of March, a decrease of roughly 11 million uninsured people since the law took effect in October, notwithstanding the disastrous first two months. There are still several days to go, as Sebelius noted, for people who began the enrollment process on March 31, but who have not completed it yet, and there will doubtless be more enrollments to report from state exchanges.

The question them becomes, how many is enough? What if the final number is eight million? What if it’s nine million? Is there any measure of success that the Affordable Care Act can possibly achieve that will warrant anything close to the sort of coverage that was given to people who were lying about it? Let’s forget Fox News for a minute. There was an avalanche of these false, misleading, or deliberately incomplete stories from legitimate news outlets, and these were never corrected. In fact, the closest anyone came to doing this was Greta Van Susteren, on Fox News.

Good news is never as sexy as bad news, but when you’ve gone to such great lengths to make up bad news about something, maybe it’s reasonable to put the good news on at least an equal footing as that stuff you made up.