Vandals Are Flipping Over Smart Cars In Terrible (But Hilarious Looking) Prank

There are plenty of reasons to get a Smart Car: it’s got great gas mileage, it’s inexpensive, it’s agile, it’s relatively comfortable for the driver, the visibility is great.

Unfortunately, they also only weigh about 1,600lbs, which is light enough for a small group of able-bodied delinquents to flip them over. And that’s exactly what’s been happening in San Francisco…

The local NBC affiliate reports that at least four Smart Cars have been flipped and that “San Francisco Police Officer Gordon Shyy said the suspects are still at large and will face felony vandalism charges if they are caught.”

They also report that an eye-witness named Brandon Michael said they reminded him of little dogs: “They look like they are dachshunds sitting up on their hind legs,” so there’s that.

And while we shouldn’t condone this in the slightest, have fun not condoning this while looking at cars that looks like dachsunds sitting up on their hind legs.