TALK AMONGST YOURSELVES: Would You Rather Vote in Your State OR Vote in the Corporation You Work For?

Two days ago, I wrote a piece on the Supreme Court’s disheartening decision that limits on the total amount of money donors can give to all candidates, committees, and political parties are unconstitutional. Per usual, our loyal band of commenters ended up adding some great stuff to the discussion, but one comment in particular really resonated with me.

A user named D_C_Wilson had posted: “I once wrote a parody piece in which the Constitution was amended so that Senators no longer represented states, but were selected by the biggest corprorations. Speaches were given by the “Distinguished Gentleman from ExxonMobile”, etc. Now it doesn’t seem like parody.”

To which a reader named Schneibster replied to by asking an offbeat but worthwhile question:

“If you could choose to vote in your state, or vote in the corporation you work for, which would you choose?”

And while I could take one stance that I wouldn’t be entirely sure about and write about it, this seems like the perfect opportunity to try something new out here at the old Daily Banter: Let’s just toss this up as a discussion topic, and we can all have a little fun with our own answers in the comment section.

That’s how it would end up anyway no matter what I would write, so let’s just start from a neutral place and see what we end up with. Great idea, right?

So in the words of Coffee Talk’s Linda Richman, talk amongst yourselves…