New Website Lets You Know Exactly How Much Of Your Life You’ve Wasted Watching Television

Are you on pins and needles waiting for Game of Thrones this Sunday? Well if you’re caught up with the previous seasons, you’ve spent 1 day, 9 hours, and 20 minutes in the land of George R. R. Martin’s brain.

Did you looooovvveee Breaking Bad? You traded 2 days and 14 hours of your life to follow Walter White’s tragic story (worth it!).

If you, like anyone who has ever been sick or hungover, have binge-watched basically every episode of Law and Order: SVU, well you’ve most likely spent more than two weeks hearing Ice T talk about things like victims suffering from “anal contusions.”

And now, thanks to a new website,, you can now find out exactly how sloth-like your existence on this earth has been!

Just search a TV show that you’ve watched, enter how many seasons you’ve completed, and it tells you how many days worth of television you’ve watched. Even better, it aggregates all the shows you enter so you can know for sure you’ve thrown away years of your prime that you’re never getting back — all so you could learn how a guy met his kids’ mother.

The website, a project conceived, designed, and coded by someone named Alex Cican, is the entertainment equivalent of post-meal calorie counting — and it’s just as demoralizing! — but it’s a fascinating experiment. Plus Cican has made it available on GitHub so that others can fork the project (for those that don’t speak coder, just keep moving along).

Have fun, and try to block out the fact that you’ve seen most of this crap at least 2 or 3 times too!