TheBlaze Reporter and ABC News’ Jon Karl Ask Exact Same Obamacare Question

They said it couldn’t be done, “they” being critics of the Affordable Care Act and the media, and “it” being the achievement of the lowered estimate of six million Obamacare enrollments, let alone the original 7 million projection by the CBO. Just yesterday, even with the number of enrollments predicted to exceed 6 million, the 7 million mark seemed like an impossible dream. Now that the Affordable Care Act has passed that milestone, and then some, you might be wondering what’s coming next from Obamacare’s haters, and from the media.

At the White House today, one possible answer became quickly clear, as House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) previewed the 7 million announcement for reporters outside the West Wing. While Leader Pelosi extolled the Affordable Care Act’s accomplishments and past struggles, Fred Lucas, reporter for Glenn Beck’s, had a different take on the milestone. “Isn’t the real measure of success not the raw number who signed up, but how many of those who signed up were not insured before?” Lucas asked, adding, “The point of the bill was to take care of those uninsured.”

Leader Pelosi delivered a lengthy response about the other important provisions of the ACA, but what’s important to note here is how, mere minutes later, ABC News’ Jon Karl asked nearly the exact same question of White House Press Secretary Jay Carney. Is it just me?

Now, as a reporter for an as-advertised conservative website, Fred Lucas (a great guy and a great friend) isn’t obligated to frame his question in the critic’ s voice, as in ” critics say the the real measure…,” yet Karl, who works for the ostensible objective ABC News, also adopts the framing as his own. It’s true that Karl has long made a habit of rubbing the collective conservative clit, but his adoption of the narrative is no less troubling for it. The media has a choice now, do they keep going along with the loudest complainers, or do they give Obamacare a fair shake? We have Karl’s, and ABC’s, vote.