Alex Jones Trolls’s Web Traffic and It’s as Ridiculous as You’d Expect

It’s not breaking news to repeat that Alex Jones is a bottomless cup of crazy. Today, as the clock winds down to the end of open enrollment for the Affordable Care Act, Jones thought he’d squeeze in some last minute Obamacare trolling. Ever since October, the far-right has made it a spectator sport to ridicule the number of sign-ups, but now that it looks like the ACA will reach its goal of seven million enrollees by midnight tonight, it looks like they’ve moved on to trolling the traffic.

Funny thing — Jones is right. By a relatively narrow margin, there’s more traffic to The Drudge Report and InfoWars than to But is this at all surprising? Of course not.

First of all, new enrollees from nearly half of the states don’t need to visit at all because there are state-run exchanges for buying a new policy. It’s also a website designed purely for domestic consumption, while, like it or not, Drudge and InfoWars have international audiences.

Secondly, nearly all of the people who’ve been forecasted to sign up have already done so.

Lastly, and most importantly, people love junk food. Not only do Americans buy more hamburgers than salads, but many of top-rated websites are porn. It might surprise Alex Jones to learn that Pornhub gets significantly more traffic than Drudge and InfoWars combined. Pornhub’s Alexa rank: 85. Drudge: 425. InfoWars: 1,298. Elsewhere, YouPorn is ranked 114; RedTube is ranked 110.

Porn and other forms of online junk food will always fare better than news and political sites. That’s just a sad fact of life. It also explains why InfoWars and Drudge get more traffic than I suppose if began posting sensationalistic, misleading horseshit and ridiculous conspiracy theories about weather weapons and chemtrails it’d be more competitive with Drudge and InfoWars. But it’s a site where people go to buy health insurance — not nearly as sexy and pulse-pounding. Obviously.

And so the far-right flailing and trolling about the ACA will surely continue. But as time goes on, and as the ACA improves in terms of both functionality and popularly, the trolling will get progressively more silly and debunkable. That’s a fact.

Bob Cesca is the host of the Bob Cesca Show podcast, a twice weekly political talk show. He’s also a contributor to Follow him on Twitter and on Facebook.

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