THE MORNING BANTER: So Much Good Stuff: Phelps “Protest,” Slaying Kimye, Lost Johnny Cash, Jimmy Carter Is Nuts, and the End of All Things

It’s Monday again and that means back to work with you. It’s actually a hell of a busy morning when it comes to good new headlines as well as ICYMIs from the weekend. Let’s just give you the list and let you dive in.

1. Love beats the demon.

Mediaite: ‘Sorry for Your Loss’: Westboro Baptist Church Counter-Protestors Keep Things Classy

2. This is how it starts, folks.

USA Today: Ebola Detected in Guinea Victims, 50 Dead

3. Right. As if anybody cares about anything Carter has to say.

CNN Ticker: Jimmy Carter Believes the NSA Monitors His E-mails

4. Buffy slays something far more insidious than vampires.

The Huffington Post: Sarah Michelle Gellar Slams Kim Kardashian And The #WorldsMostTalkedAboutCouple

5. This guy took the words right out of my mouth.

Medium: New York Doesn’t Love You

6. Look who’s back.

NatGeo: ‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ Returns To TV For National Geographic Special

7. Look who’s back (sort of).

NPR: Lost Album Gives Voice To A Johnny Cash In Recovery

8. You know what I just said about ebola being the end of civilization? I was wrong. This is.

Esquire: “#Selfie”: This Music Video Is An Assault on the Senses

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