The Insufferable Stupidity of Fox News’ Eric Bolling

There are literally hundreds of examples of Eric Bolling saying stupid things on Fox News Channel, whether on The Five or elsewhere. In fact, I’d love to read a doctoral thesis on how many words Bolling speaks in a given week, and then how many of those words are deliberately deceptive, racially insensitive or just plain thick.

The latest instance of Bolling opening his mouth and ridiculous things pouring out like a geyser of dumb occurred the other day during an on-air discussion about the Affordable Care Act.

Bolling said, “Fiscally speaking, young people probably should take the [individual mandate] penalty.”

Yes, Bolling offered up an excuse for young people to go without health insurance — worse, he’s encouraging them to break the law and to accept the punitive fine. You know, breaking the law to save money. While they’re at it, they might as well drive at high speeds if they’re late for work. After all, better to pay the traffic ticket (if they’re caught, that is) than to lose a job.

Okay, sure, the tax penalty amounts to less money annually than an insurance policy with its monthly premiums. But insurance customers aren’t paying annual premiums for nothing. It’s called “insurance” because it guarantees that if an insurance customer, a young person or otherwise, becomes sick or injured, they won’t go broke paying the medical bills, which are significantly more expensive than paying the monthly premiums. So, “fiscally speaking,” it makes significantly more sense to be insured than to save a few bucks by paying the penalty.

The takeaway, kids? Never accept “fiscal” advice from Eric Bolling. In fact, don’t take any advice from Bolling. Ever.