Experience Ron Jeremy’s Massive Pianist Skills

Isn’t this America?

Isn’t this the land where we judge people for the content of their character and not the size, no matter how infamously large, of their reproductive organs?

But yet for some reason, some people are finding it humorous that Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy is making headlines because on Record Store Day — April 19th for you #nonhipsters — Black Country Rock/Thirty Tigers will be releasing a record called Understanding and Appreciating Classical Music With Ron Jeremy, which will be a 7″ single of “adult film star Ron Jeremy performing and discussing classical music at a piano.”

Oh you didn’t know that Jeremy, who has a Bachelor’s degree in education and theatre and a Master’s degree! in special education from Queens College in New York, could tickle the ivories?

Just because he happens to be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for “Most Appearances in Adult Films,” the official press release statement with this album has to stress that “this is a serious record laced with Ron’s hilarious dialogue and off the cuff blue comments throughout his performances of Bach, Beethoven and more”?

How about you learn that Jeremy only posted for Playgirl after his then-girlfriend “submitted his photo to the magazine, and, like the current Duke student/porn star, subsequently moved into the adult film industry as a means to support himself?

How about you learn that he was asked to speak at Oxford University to the same debate society that boasts Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan and Mother Teresa as guest speakers?

How about you look at more than just his…umm…past work…and not focus on the huge…popular cultural narrative…that surrounds him and look into the soul inside the member…of society?

In fact, BCR Mediacalls this record “a journey into the mind of Ron Jeremy and into the history of classical music and its influence on modern music.

And who wouldn’t want to get into the mind of this guy?