THE MORNING BANTER: Gregory Stays, Fox Brings Flight 370 Back to Benghazi, and New Cobain Suicide Scene Pics

Happy Friday. Here’s what’s going on in the world — or at least on the internet — that you can use to pass the time until you get to start your weekend.

1. All the talent that NBC has unceremoniously dumped over the years that’s actually been, you know, talented and somehow David Gregory holds onto a gig he’s been universally panned for. You know, I spent 20 years doing it and sometimes I still don’t understand television. On the other hand, this is great news for John McCain.

The Huffington Post: NBC News ‘Doubling Down’ On David Gregory As ‘Meet The Press’ Expands Online

2. This probably won’t surprise you at all, but Fox News has figured out a way to bring the story of the Missing Malaysia Airlines flight back to Benghazi and the phony IRS scandal.

Media Matters: Fox’s Empathy For Malaysian Airliner Victims: “Feels Like The Families Of Benghazi”

Media Matters: O’Reilly: Media Covering Malaysian Airliner Because It “Doesn’t Want To Cover Important Stories Like The IRS And Benghazi”

That last statement by the way is like a Möbius strip of pure stupid.

3. Remember the line in Scarface where Tony tells dirty cop Mel, who’s extorting money out of him, “How do I know you’re the last cop I’m gonna have to grease?” That’s kind of what Netflix is saying right now to Comcast and Verizon.

The Verge: Netflix Blasts Comcast and Verizon on Net Neutrality: ‘Some Big ISPs Are Extracting a Toll’

4. The case was quickly reexamined and just as quickly reconsigned to history, but we got some fascinating new photos out of it. If you imagined that there would be cigarettes and heroin needles in the room where Kurt Cobain killed himself, now you can pat yourself on the back almost 20 years to the day after his suicide.

Gawker: New Photos From Kurt Cobain’s Suicide Released

5. I wonder what this says about the popularity of that song from the late 90s about girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch.

Pacific Standard: Can a Song’s Lyrics Predict Its Commercial Success?

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