An Irishman, A Gay Guy, and the Mayor of New York Walk Into A Bar and Order a Guinness…

Ah St. Patrick’s Day.

A time for celebrating Irish heritage, ordering incredibly offensive speciality drinks, and… marriage equality?

Guinness has officially added their name to the list of sponsors that have dropped out of the New York City St. Patrick’s Day Parade.

“Guinness has a strong history of supporting diversity and being an advocate for equality for all. We were hopeful that the policy of exclusion would be reversed for this year’s parade,” the brewer said in a written statement issued by a spokesman for its parent company, Diageo. As this has not come to pass, Guinness has withdrawn its participation. We will continue to work with community leaders to ensure that future parades have an inclusionary policy,” Guinness said.

With this news, Guinness joins two other major beer companies, Sam Adams, brewer from Boston Beer Co., and Heineken, who dropped their sponsorship of parades in Boston and New York, respectively, over the issue.

And this is directly on the heels of both the Boston and NYC mayors deciding to sit this “cultural holiday” out as well.

“So much of our Irish history has been shaped by the fight against oppression,” Walsh, the city’s first Irish-American mayor in 20 years, said in a statement. “As mayor of the city of Boston, I have to do my best to ensure that all Bostonians are free to participate fully in the civic life of our city. Unfortunately, this year, the parties were not able to come to an understanding that would have made that possible.”

Mr. de Blasio will be the first New York mayor in 20 years not to take part in the event: ““I simply disagree with the organizers of that parade in their exclusion of some individuals in this city,” he said in a news conference at City Hall.

Lucky for the Irish faithful though, William Donohue, president of the Catholic League, based in New York, affirmed he was “delighted” to avoid marching alongside “a public official who does not want to be associated with Irish Catholics.”


(PS: you can find how to pronounce this word that everyone messes up here)