Sarah Palin to Launch Online Video Show: ‘Rogue TV’

As you’re probably aware, Sarah Palin has been butchering the English language and, with it, American politics on her Facebook page since 2009 or so. This always made perfect sense to me. Pictures of food with a side order of Sarah Palin’s word salad. Why the hell not?

And now she’s launching an online video series via Discovery’s “Tapp” service where she’ll continue to post her special brand of trolling but now in the herky-jerky webcam format. Naturally it’s going to be called “Rogue TV.” Because of course.

“Think of it as a video version of her Facebook page,” a source told Capital New York.

In addition to politics and current events, Palin will badly mangle the topics of food and parenting. Because America is dying to know how to prepare Applebee’s menu items at home, while also learning how to raise pregnant teens and then to expose them to the harsh glare of the national spotlight during both a presidential campaign and a poorly-rated cable reality show. Don’t line up all at once to thank her. But perhaps have a little pity on those kids.

As long as she remains as far as possible away from elected office, she’ll continue to be the gift that keeps on giving… giving gibberish. And I promise to watch her videos so you don’t have to. Oh wait. I probably won’t do that because, yes, she’s charging $10 per month for the subscription-only service.

Better title? “GrifTV.”