The Fundamentalist Christian Reaction To Last Night’s “Cosmos” Debut Is About What You’d Expect

Last night saw the debut of the new Cosmos reboot on Fox, with the brilliant Neil DeGrasse Tyson filling the shoes of the late — and equally brilliant — Carl Sagan. Considering the fact that it was essentially a science documentary show running right after Family Guy, with Seth MacFarlane as its executive producer, it did respectable but not incredible numbers. There was a good amount of buzz going in but it aired simultaneously on a ton of networks so that could easily have diluted the audience pool, with Fox pulling in 5.8 million viewers for the hour.

One crowd, however, that did apparently pay close attention to the return of Cosmos, whether it actually watched the show or not, is America’s far-right Christian contingent. And many of its members responded exactly as you’d imagine: with social media-driven cries of blasphemy and attempts to correct the lies of science with the truth that the world is 6,000 years old and we’re all the result of special Jesus magic. Because who needs proven scientific fact when you’ve got an ancient book written by people who lacked the imagination to even realize they were only inhabiting about two-percent of the entire Earth.

And so we get to laugh at the kind of thing you see below. In a reasonable world, anyone who thought like this wouldn’t even be able to turn on a computer, but there’s simply no accounting for the kind of stupidity we inexplicably continue to sanction in this country under its more socially acceptable name: religion.

I guess to their credit, though, these people manage to disprove both evolution and intelligent design at the same time.

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