Kim Jong Un Wins In A Landslide

It came down to the wire, with an entire country anxiously holding its breath in wonder, but it’s official…

Kim Jong Un has been elected to the Supreme Assembly in the constituency of Mount Paektu in a political blowout of his [non-existent] competition.

And while this has some raising a few questions, there’s only one real question worth asking: where does this rank among the all time blowouts?

Well in sports, there are some great ones…

We recently saw the Seahawks destroy the Broncos 43-8,  Tiger Woods once won the US Open by 15 strokes, Australia beat Namibia 142-0 at the 2003 Rugby World Cup, and who can forget that cricket game from 2007 where Sri Lanka beat Kenya 201 – 27? I know I can’t.

And in terms of politics, there were some great landslide victories back in the day, whether it be LBJ, Eisenhower, or that son of a gun Reagan. Plus who can forget the Tamil political party that won a landslide victory in Sri Lankan elections back in 2009? I know I can’t.

But none of these compare to a victory that saw a candidate win 100% of the vote — with 100% of the population reporting!

And while some may allege that Kim Jong Un will “use the polls and a newly elected legislature to elevate officials loyal to him and further consolidate his power,” to the victor go the spoils.

And though coverage of the election has superseded news that Kim Jong-un reportedly ordered that 33 Christians believed to be working alongside South Korean Baptist missionary Kim Jung-wook be put to death, elections like these only come around once every 5 years whenever they feel like having them, and they deserve to be celebrated for the fine examples of democracy that they are.

As the state-run Korean Central News Agency said, “This is an expression of all the service personnel and people’s absolute support and profound trust in supreme leader Kim Jong Un as they single-mindedly remain loyal to him.”

Flawless victory.

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