Why the NSA, Drones and Civil Liberties Trump All

The fawning lapdog media’s steadfast refusal to cover the pernicious security state’s egregious dismantling of basic civil liberties is the greatest threat to human survival ever known.

The tepid industry rewards ‘journalists’ for their paeans to power, where supposed revelations reveal nothing other than servile platitudes to elite privilege.

As hordes of TSA agents descend upon American citizens, abusing their personal sovereignty and undoing the dictates of the constitution, the corporate media drools over its latest non-scandal that serves the interests of state power.

As the enthusiastic supporters of droning children revel in their glorious ‘Dear Leader’, the Obama government inches closer towards its status as a fascist military junta. The noble cause, as espoused by the sock puppet president, is to project American power abroad, while eroding civil liberties at home.

Those who self righteously claim they believe in American values routinely bathe themselves in an orgy of self congratulatory condemnation of the crimes committed by foreign leaders (see Russia), culminating in an eruption of sycophantic sermonizing. The laughable moralizing of war loving, occupation justifying, imperialist supporting lackeys is repellent and only trumped by their idolization of a president who once disingenuously intimated he was opposed to such actions.

The true heroes of America, Edward Snowden, Chelsea Manning and Glenn Greenwald, present the greatest threat to the security state and the media that routinely pays homage to it. It is only through the bold actions of daring journalists and benevolent billionaires like Pierre Omidyar that these unheard voices can effectively combat the pernicious government lies and daily propaganda ‘news’ outlets disseminate. The climate of fear perpetrated on the American people is deliberate – the treatment of Ed Snowden and Chelsea Manning betray a pattern of egregious violence against US citizens. The lesson is clear: you have no rights in America today.

The NSA – an illegal, unconstitutional and parasitical organization, operates beyond the parameters of democratic governance. Not only does this underscore the warped pathologies among the glorious leaders of America’s National Security State, but it also highlights the inanity of believing that these kinds of people can and should be trusted with invasive spying powers to be exercised in the dark.

As America’s empire expands, our civil liberties contract – a message iconic hero Ed Snowden bravely bestowed upon the people’s of America before his government hounded him to Russia. Snowden now lives in constant fear of Obama’s ever expanding Kill List – a testament to the nature of America’s imperial grand strategy.

*One of these sentences comes from an actual Glenn Greenwald article. Have fun trying to figure out which one!