Peak Buzzfeed: Russia’s Invasion of Ukraine Explained With GIFs from ‘The Hill’

I’m not making that up. Buzzfeed, which is essentially Patient Zero in the viral death of digital journalism, really posted this.

This is wrong on so many levels beginning with the overall seriousness of the situation in Crimea and how Benny Johnson diminished it down to the level of a crappy reality show from 2007.

It’s almost a parody of Buzzfeed’s self-parody. In fact, when I first read the headline, I tweeted: “Next up, Buzzfeed explains Syria’s use of chemical weapons on its own citizens with Jurassic Park gifs.” Reporter Joshua Foust replied and reminded me about this:

This sort of crapola represents everything that’s wrong with online publications today. Not only is it infantile click-bait for attention deficit sufferers, but it’s also completely and totally condescending. Buzzfeed thinks you don’t know nor do you have the time to understand what’s happening in Ukraine, so here — here’s the whole thing simplified down to something you might understand you ignorant dilettante. If your intelligence isn’t insulted by these posts, you’re not paying attention.

The only thing I’d like to see illustrated with animated GIFs is the bankruptcy liquidation of the websites who market in this moronic click-bait nonsense.